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Category Archives: Conference 2004: Brighton

Creative Clusters 2004, Brighton: Programme


Programme Highlights

  • Presentations from all parts of the UK, from Canada, Mexico, Japan, New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Brisbane, Ghana and more.
  • How is Amsterdam developing its Creative Vision for 2015?
  • What has been the impact of culture-led regeneration in Newcastle/Gateshead?
  • How did New Zealand use Lord of the Rings to transform its economy?
  • How will Liverpool’s ‘City of Culture’ designation assist its economic regeneration?
  • What is the extent, impact and future of the creative industries in Hong Kong?
  • What is the UK Arts & Humanities Research Board’s plan for engaging with this sector?
  • How is community video empowering excluded young people in Ethiopia?
  • How is Tito’s luxurious ‘Blue Train’ helping Serbia’s push for cultural tourism?
  • What is the Film Council’s strategy for developing UK film talent?
  • What is the role of creative industries in the Thames Gateway development – Europe’s biggest regeneration project?

Creative Clusters 2004, Brighton: Themes

  • A Sense of Place: Cultural Tourism
  • Social Inclusion and the Rise of the Creative Class
  • European Enlargement: Implications for Creative Business
  • Cultural Value and Economic Value
  • Asia-Pacific Creative Industries
  • Financing Creativity