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Creative Clusters 2005, Belfast: Programme


Programme Highlights

  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: How is China developing it’s creative and cultural industries?
  • Hot Property: What can cultural entrepreneurs do to protect their ideas?
  • Heralding A New Era in the UK: Will Creative and Cultural Skills succeed?
  • Creative Capital: How are the creative industries transforming the Belfast economy?
  • Ghettoizing Creativity?: What’s the future for a Black Creative Class?
  • Up on the Hill: In the world’s largest economy how do you pursuade the US power elite their way is not the only way?
  • Storm in a Coffee Cup: How is tax law, a coffee producer and a shoe maker helping to boost Italian creativity?
  • Latecomer with Potential: What’s the future for Germany’s creative sector?
  • Dreaming of Electronic Sheep: How can creative industries help revitalise a declining rural economy?
  • Glasgow – Still ‘Miles Better’?: 15 years after the 1990 European City of Culture
  • Knowing when to Stop: What does the creative sector do next when public millions are wasted?
  • Time to stop playing around, and start playing around: Is it time for a UK computer games ‘institute’?
  • Revolution in the Head: Could the UK lead a cultural strategy for Europe?

Creative Clusters 2005, Belfast: Themes


Investing in Creativity Creative businesses are adept at drawing in money from a variety of sources: through personal investment by the entrepreneur, grants for arts, inventions or other forms of research and creativity, grants for business start-up and regeneration, private research and development spending, angel investment, loans and loan guarantee schemes, philanthropy, tax incentives – […]