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Creative Clusters 2006, Newcastle: Restoration of Old Havana


Notes from a presentation delivered at CC 2006, Newcastle Gateshead Havana Vieja Old Havana’s baroque and neoclassical mansions, its waterfront bars and dance-halls, were brought vividly to life as the back-drop to the film ‘Buena Vista Social Club’. Unfortunately, political factors have severely hampered the development potential of what is one of the finest […]

Creative Clusters 2006, Newcastle: Virtual Worlds


Virtual Worlds, Real Culture

Over six million customers are signed up to, and $900 million is being traded in virtual assets from games like Everquest and Lineage.

The Herald Tribune recently estimated that 100,000 young people in China earn their living as online gamers, killing monsters to recover treasure that they then exchange for real currency. These players are known as ‘gold farmers’, and you can earn more farming gold in Lineage that you can mining it in a real Chinese gold mine.

Creative Clusters 2006, Newcastle: The Cheonggyecheon Restoration


A New Vision for the Mega-City

The dominant 20th century vision of the city, repeated in a thousand novels and films from Zola to Blade Runner, tells us the city is a place of fear that will overwhelm the individual, and make human creativity impossible.

The Cheonggyecheon restoration offers another vision: that a city can both be the world’s fifth largest metropolis, and at the same time respect the needs and aspirations of individual people. It confidently asserts that intimacy and creativity is still possible in the mega-city.

Creative Clusters 2006, Newcastle: Featured Speakers


Will Alsop – Architect and Artist Will Alsop is one of the most prominent of UK architects. His practice is an international operation, but one guided by the principle that architecture is both vehicle and symbol of social change and renewal. The philosophy extends from the design of individual buildings to embrace broader principles of […]

Creative Clusters 2006, Newcastle: Programme


2006 Conference Movie

This film by Swing Bridge Video, with music by Natasha Atlas (who played at the Conference), captures the essence of a packed four days in just four minutes. You can watch it by clicking the control on the right, or go to YouTube for a larger version.

Creative Clusters 2006, Newcastle: Themes


As the creative industries collectively become major employers, exporters and sources of wealth, are they ready to take on the responsibilities of holding up the economy? It’s one thing for the creative industries to demand serious attention as economic players, and quite another for them actually to take on the role in society of the manufacturing, engineering and extraction industries it is claimed they are replacing.

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